Sabrina!! I am completely blown away! Last night's performance was absolutely amazing. Your talent and creativity is astounding. To see your vision come to's incredible. I had to choke back the tears a few times watching Kahri. Her confidence, her talent, and the way she put it all together...loved it. I feel like this year she started to get what it means to "perform". She did more than stand up there and go through the motions, and you, my friend, are the reason she is able to do this. I had no idea Kahri was capable of all that at the ripe age of 8 years old! Thank you, thank you, thank you. And Miss Andie woke up this morning and the first words out of her little mouth were "Can I do my dance recital again tonight?" � Priceless. I think she's hooked! Congratulations to you, on yet another very, very successful season and recital. I feel like last night's show will be hard to top, but I know next year your crazy mind will come up with something just as amazing and I'll find myself in awe again! How this opportunity exists here in podunk rural Northeast Iowa is beyond are one of a kind! I can't believe I'm saying this, but is it August yet?! Looking forward to what next season has in store!

Alyssa M.

As a student of Sabrina's for 11 years, I have learned much more than just dancing. Sabrina puts an emphasis on responsibility, honesty, teamwork, and discipline while teaching the technique and performance values of all styles she teaches. Her upbeat energy keeps the classroom environment educational and fun for everyone. She cares for all of her students as her own and goes to great lengths to ensure that each one of them feels safe and are confident in themselves, and this goes for all the teachers of Expressions. Angelia and Morgan are both wonderful teachers with loads of experience and wisdom. As you travel through the studio, you build friendships, gain a support team, and get dozens of opportunities, in and out of the studio. Any class you decide to take with Team E.D.S. will be a great one

Kayla R.

Being a dancer at Expressions dance Studio for ten years, as well as being on the competition team, has given me some of the most outstanding experiences and memories of a life time! Sabrina is a strong willed and focused person that has a strong structure for an enjoyable environment in the studio, while disciplined. She has a strong passion for dance that shines bright with enthusiasm as she shares her love with others. She doesn't just teach dance at her studio either. She teaches valuable life lessons, self confidence, and many more concepts that can be used in everyday life. Not only is Sabrina fantastic, but Angelia and Morgan have incredible talent that they share. They hold high, but attainable, standards that push everyone to do their best and it creates an amazing end product!

Val B.

Sabrina is an consummate premiere professional instructor, teaching the true art of dance in all it's many forms. She is her students biggest critic And biggest cheerleader. She has a photographic memory which assists her in being an ultra gifted choreographer. To say she's hard working, dedicated and devoted to her students is an understatement. Sabrina operates super organized highly successfull group of studios where she and her highly trained excellent staff excell in not only teaching dance but transforming their students lives into responsible, strong, capable students, in which they are where proud to train! Expression Dance Studio is #1 hands down.

Lorry K.

My girls, 6 and 7, started hip hop last year and they love the studio, the instructors, and had a blast at their first recital! It's been a great experience and we look forward to more dance classes and being a part of the Expressions family!!

Laura S.

Love the diversity. My daughter stared out in another dance organization which I still highly respect. But there are things that they just couldn't offer compared to EDS.

Danielle S.

SUCH beautiful instructors -inside and out!

Hannah T.

My 4yr old LOVES EDS! Thank you Sabrina & her team

Kristie E.

When my daughter was two she started with Expression Dance Studio and have learned a variety of different dance styles. I first put her in dance to learn the basics but then she grew a love for dance and a love for her teacher. Sabrina is like a second mother to my daughter and have provided her important life lessons. Being with the studio for 8 years now, the studio has grown much like my daughter. The variety of different dance styles that are offered is phenomenal especially living in small town Iowa. Currently my daughter dances 4 days a week and was asked to be on the competitive trio team. Since the start of this team, I have been able to see the enormous talent Sabrina consumes. Sabrina knows each dancers ability as well as limitations but she is able to push the envelope to provide excellent results. I can't say enough outstanding words to express how working with this studio has changed our lives and my daughter looks forward to dancing every day. I highly recommend Expression Dance Studio!

Lisa Q.